Under a Tenner
by Admin1 / December 23, 2004

14 designers choose what's good for under £10.
London's Design Museum asked fourteen people working in design to select what they believe to be good design with one caveat - that no item could cost more than 10 pounds. The designers included well known furniture and object designer Ron Arad and lesser known industrial designers J Mays, the head of global design at the Ford Motor Company, Geoff Kirk, chief design engineer of Rolls-Royce and architects Farshid Moussavi and Alejandro Zaera Polo. We spotted this item on Cameron Sinclair's website, co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, which designs emergency housing for disaster zones.

+ designmuseum.org
+ cameronsinclair.com
+ architectureforhumanity.org

Here are the 10 under a tenner Cameron chose:

1. Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Olyset Bednets – Cost $6 (£3.50)

"Bednets treated with safe insecticide that kills mosquitoes for over five years without any kind of retreating – up to twenty times longer than other bednets."

2. UnBathroom by William Hsu, Art Center College of Design – Cost approx. $10 (£5.62)

"This temporary toilet for use in emergency situations or remote locations is fully recyclable and biodegradable."

3. Condoms – Cost $0.50 (£0.38)

"Currently the best protection against the spread of HIV/AIDS."

4. Danish Coffee Cups by Ole Jensen – Cost $10 (£5.62)

"This selection is a guilty pleasure. I’m a self-professed caffeine addict* and these are the nicest cups I’ve drunk from. I think it has to do with the weight and in particular the ability to rest your thump in the handle. Alas I lost mine."

5. Staple Free Stapler – Cost $10 (£5.62)

"Running a non profit is all about organization which means having a mini-office with me at all times. I dislike staples, they get everywhere."

6. OXO Good Grips 2-Cup Angled Measuring Cup – Cost $6 (£3.37)

"This is the next evolution from the OXO good grips range. An ingenious yet simple measuring cup that can be read while it rests on the table."

7. Aquis Micro-Fiber Towel – Cost $16 (£9.00)

"Made from AQUITEX microfiber, a super soft material that instantly soaks up water on contact. Not only are they super-absorbent and quick drying, AQUIS towels are extremely lightweight, durable, and incredibly compact."

8. SIGG aluminum water bottle – Cost $16 (£9.00)

"This one-piece aluminum bottle has developed and reimagined since the 20’s and its latest model is to a must-have for and hiker."

9. Football – Cost $10 (£5.62)

"From the streets of brazil to the rural fields of South Africa the football not only brings joy to millions but acts as a great catalyst for bringing people together."

10. Advanced Healing Bandage by Johnson & Johnson 6 for $3.99

"Hydrocolloidal adhesive technology makes this cushioned slug shaped Band-Aid super tight."


Landmine – Cost $3 (£1.68 - the cost a Big Mac)

"Every 15 minutes a de-miner or innocent bystander is killed or maimed due to a landmine – around 15-20,000 victims a year."


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