by Admin1 / October 13, 2004

Water wall humidifier.
I want to work in an office outfitted by Topdeq. They're the German office decor store that carries Aquaduct and a wide range of MoCo office furniture and accessories. Here's how they describe Aquaduct; "No need for a midnight swim. Let the soothing Aquaduct water wall with its sleek stainless steel frame, ribbed plastic face and sparkling halogen spotlight refresh your mind and body.". For the office. There's a lot more. Here's a sampling; Prof. Schneider floor-stand display, Brionvega TS522 folding radio, Aposto wall-mounted wine depot, DidjLIGHT floor lamp and the Webtree PC workstation. Thanks Derwood!

Designers: Jokisch Objektdesign, Prof. Wulf Schneider, Marco Zanuso, Artlinco und Sorig Thomsen, Bernhard Bauer, L. Carniato, G. Matta, R. Varaschin

Aquaduct, designed by Jokisch Objektdesign, Prof. Schneider floor-stand display and Brionvega TS522 folding radio designed by Marco Zanuso.

Aposto wall-mounted wine depot designed by Artlinco and Sorig Thomsen and DidjLIGHT floor lamp designed by Bernhard Bauer.

Webtree PC workstation designed by L. Carniato, G. Matta and R. Varaschin.

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