See Saw
by Admin1 / September 15, 2004

Interior see saw for adults.
Artist-designer Didi Dunphy's "Modern Convenience furnishings stem from the concept of Recess: bringing the “free time” of recess indoors and reintroducing play through sculptural elements. For school kids, Recess is a magical word, that moment when the doors burst open, with the playground at arms' reach and with the energy and imagination to build valuable social interaction. For adults though, Recess is mostly an idea of long ago now replaced with hectic scheduling, responsibilities of doing the right thing, another load of laundry and oh so worn out bodies. Didi's art hybrid furnishings are designed for participants to engage in parallel play where friendships, collaboration and cooperation, alliances and good ideas can be formed.". And why not? There's more of the Recess collection in the extended post.

DESIGNER: Didi Dunphy

"Naugahyde or Ultrasuede Upholstered Bench big enough for two adults and a couple of small kids at 14" x 144". The base is welded aluminum, powder coated in glitter colors, and can be used for storing extra fun stuff. (Bumper pads optional.)".

Didi Rounds sound proof wall art. "Arrange your own colors and configuration with these 14" d. pillows for your walls. Upholstered Naugahyde with sound absorbing batting are great for your home rec-room, commercial space, or restaraunt. With a Velcro hanging on the back, it is an easy installation.".

Peggy Lights. "The pegboard, made of laser-cut stainless steel, is sized to your needs or purchased as a light box . Holes are 1" d. with scaled to fit, plastic molded rounds in different colors. Incorporate Peggy Lights into your architecture or interiors. Your Peggy Lights will come with extra pegs... change the pattern or color combination at your whim.".

Mod Dots. "Multi-colored static cling vinyl in 5.5" round dots for your windows. Save a bird: Mod Dots make glass visible. Peel off paper backing and place Mod Dots clean windows. Mod Dots are re-usable, don't leave sticky residue and come in eight unique color combinations. Have a ball: Mod Dots brighten any space.".

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