by Admin1 / September 9, 2004

The everywhere but down, downlight.
Innovative pendant light that reflects most of its light everywhere but in the direction you'd think it would go, namely down. "Inside FOKUS, part of the light is directed towards the ceiling using fresnell reflector technology, providing an additional sense of space. The noble, transparent synthetic glass is flooded with diffused light and gives FOKUS a light, suspended- in-air character.". Comes with interchangeable color filters. In fact, Belux makes a range of innovative lights, see some of them in the extended post.

DESIGNERS: Schwarz Spth, Martin Huwiler, King Miranda

Focus was designed by Schwarz Spth.


Belux Optic, designed by Martin Huwiler. "The OPTIC suspended lamp embodies the idea of guided light. Above the table swings an elegant, precision fresnel lens with a diameter of 42 cm, which is suspended just by a thin cord. The light source a non-dazzle low voltage halogen lamp is on the ceiling and illuminates the lens, which ensures widespread light distribution."

Diogenes, designed by King Miranda. "DIOGENES is a combined reading/indirect lamp manufactured from high quality aluminium. A high performance, dimmable 300 watt halogen lamp serves for general lighting. Integrated into the body of the lamp is an additional dazzle-free and freely directable 50 watt low voltage halogen lamp for direct reading light."

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