by Admin1 / September 4, 2004

Hanging lights from the multi-talented Glen Hunter.
Glen writes, "I wanted some LED lights but couldn't find any that I liked. I was asking the guys at Eurolite about them and Charles (the president) showed me some parts that they had and offered them to me at cost to play around with. I played around with them and they liked the results well enough that they asked if I would be willing to license the design to them. I have lots of experience playing around with acrylic and I like lights that 'glow' so I built them out of coloured acrylic sheet and clear rod. All lights use 1W LED bulbs.". Available from Eurolite. There's also a three foot rectangular version and a five-foot high tube light in the extended post.

DESIGNER: Glen Hunter
LINK: glenhunter.ca
LINK: eurolite.com



"Here's an image I found of my other LED lights hanging in the showroom. These were the first lights I made, and they hang in the front part of my house. Including the steel rods these lights are almost 5 feet long so you need a high ceiling to hang them! These have a single 1W LED attached to the top of the acrylic rod. The coloured acrylic tube at the top glows, but it's too light in
the picture to really tell. I can get 3W LEDs now that are the same
dimensions and I'm looking forward to trying them out."


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