PLI 300
by Admin1 / September 1, 2004

Folded shade ceiling lamp.
In french, pli means fold. "PLI 300 is a ceiling-mounted fixture which marries a flower-like vertical scalloped spiral to a square perforated metal box support. The asymmetric folds of the translucent shade create depth and complexity that change with the viewpoint.". It's made of perforated brushed aluminum and translucent white polycarbonate. Pli is just one of many folded shade lamps from Brave, there are others in the extended post.

DESIGNERS: Andrea White, Robert White


"FLO 400 is a large dramatic light sculpture. The twisted translucent shade, made from a 6 meter long wood veneer strip emits warm illumination from 4 interior fluorescent lamps on the center support.".

"TUBE 100 is a sculptural table fixture with a flexible shade. The base emits a floating halo of soft light beneath the translucent tube. The matte white tube glows with a warm light and projects light upwards to the shade. TUBE is easily reconfigured by simply manipulating the pliable shade material and fixing it through holder slots.".

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