Lolita Chandelier by Ron Arad
by Admin1 / July 2, 2004

Crystal chandelier with computer controlled LEDs.
For the third consecutive year, a selection of designers and artists from all over the world were invited to exploit not only the beauty, but also the technical possibilities of Swarovski crystal. Their mandate, once again, was that of reinventing the chandelier. Including this one, Lolita, designed by Ron Arad. Arad created the classic chandelier shape using an ultra modern approach, an omni-directional, spiral, crystal pixel board with 2100 crystals, 1050 white LEDs, 1 km of 9-way cable braided shielding and 31 processors to create a truly interactive design which displays text messages sent via SMS.

DESIGNERS: Ron Arad, Yves Behar, Tord Boontje, Constantin and Laurene Boym, David Collins, Chris Levine, Matali Crasset, Ben Jakober, Jeff Leatham, Ingo Maurer


Ron Arad's Lolita chandelier for Swarovski.


Yves Behar's Nest "combines organic shapes and crystal with the cutting-edge lighting technology of electro-luminescent film."


Tord Boontje's Ting Ting Ting "is a ruby bejewelled chandelier created using Chinese lacquered metal and lit with white LEDs. It's 101 tubular bells hang between suspended crystals to produce a tinkling sound on sensing movement."


Constantin and Laurene Boym's Crystal Rugs is "a playful series of crystal carpets, formed from hundreds of conjoined crystals."


David Collins and Chris Levine's Satellite introduces "ultraviolet light and a specially designed LED panel".


Matali Crasset's Sky "evokes the lightness and beauty of crystal creating a cloud-like chandelier using halogen bulbs and Plexiglas."


Ben Jakober's Bucky Life "coalesced fibre optics and geometries to create light from air. Using 270 polycarbonate hollow transparent tubes, 36 Swarovski optical fibres and 72 Swarovski crystals this retro shape was realised using modern materials and technology.".=


Jeff Leatham's Orchidee is "a beautifully organic and delicate chandelier of glass orchid stems and crystal lacquer. The jungle of orchids radiate in a rich light made possible with fibre optic lighting and a halogen light projector."


Ingo Maurer's Gio Ponti in the Sky with Diamonds uses "LEDs to light his snow covered, Gio Ponti's Supperleggera chairs."

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