PVC Bath Curtain by Martí Guixé
by Admin1 / June 11, 2004

Shower curtain art.
A shower curtain with informational text regarding the material it is made of. PVC, or poly vinyl chloride, is nasty stuff or so you can read when you install this artwork in your bathroom. From the brilliantly simple and curiously serious Martí Guixé, who also makes the Panoptical surveillance bath curtain, Do Scratch lamp that you scratch to liberate light, phosphorescent Flamp, and Do Frame tape.


Panoptical Bath Curtain by Martí Guixé

"Shower curtain with a window that allows you to keep an eye on what is going on in the bathroom while showering."

Do scratch lamp by Martí Guixé

"Black colour lamp that allows you to draw or scratch to liberate areas where the light can shine through."

Phosphorescent Flamp by Martí Guixé

"Luminous phosphorescent object in the shape of a lamp. Glows in the dark for 20 minutes. 5 x h15 cm."

Do Frame tape by Martí Guixé

"Adhesive tape with golden frame pattern, enabling you to rapidly set up a personal museum."

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