Hang Up
by Admin1 / June 2, 2004

Multifunctional, modular storage rail.
Solid oak or Corian wall-mounted rail with modular hooks for different items including aluminum coat hooks, steel hat/scarf/umbrella holders and a streamlined jacket holder made of painted plywood. “The hanging elements can be used to punctuate the rail at different points, creating a pattern along its length that can satisfy the needs of the individual user.”. Available in two lengths – 800 and 1100mm. Isokon Plus also makes bent ply storage by Shin and Tomoko Azumi, the Donkey3 media storage unit and Shipshape multifunctional storage unit, and Michael Sodeau's 2 Drawer Wing unit and 2 Door Wing unit.

DESIGNERS: Barber Osgerby, Shin and Tomoko Azumi
MANUFACTURER: isokonplus.com


Shin and Tomoko Azumi's bent ply Donkey3 media storage unit.

Shin and Tomoko Azumi's bent ply Shipshape multifunctional storage unit.

Michael Sodeau's bent ply 2 Drawer Wing unit and 2 Door Wing unit.


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