Souvenirs from the earth
by Admin1 / April 29, 2004

Video art for plasma screens.
“Video replaces Paintings !™”. The increasing popularity of plasma screens opens a world of potential beyond TV and computer content. With plasma displays, video art, images and sound, can be discreetly hung on the wall along with traditional art media. Souvenirs from the earth provides “content for home or public entertainment systems, especially flat screens, and take commissions for special interior designs. Our films are 100% narrative free with strong visual aesthetics. They come normally as programmed DVDs meant to play in the system for hours or days.” The autolooped DVDs are available in PAL or NTSC and vary in length from 7 to 70 minutes.


"Souvenirs from the earth created specific videopaintings for Alain Ducasse's Mix restaurant in New York - September 2003"

"The Mix is the newest Alain Ducasse restaurant in New York. Located in 68 West 58th Street. It (opened) the 10th of September 2003. For this place Alain Ducasse delegated the cooking duties to Douglas Psaltis, a veteran of his kitchens, and entrusted the design to Patrick Jouin, a frequent collaborator and Philippe Starck protégé."

"Designer Patrick Jouin asked souvenirs from the earth to produce the video programming he needed for his very futuristic chic interior of the MIX. For the very vip chef's table in the restaurant, souvenirs from the earth produced 10 small films displaying slowly rotating dishes, put together by the kitchen crew. Projected on a round support, the films give you the impression to assist the making of a painting, consciously composed more than the making of a dish..."

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