KWC Murano
by Admin1 / April 11, 2004

Bowl-shaped faucet.
"Flowing freely and without restriction, as if from an ancient spring, water glides across an elegant glass dish before gently falling to envelope your skin". Murano is a single-lever mixer with an adjustable flow rate. Made with a 160mm or 180mm diameter water-spot resistant, Permatec coated, clear safety-glass dish-spout. "Permatec employs nanotechnology to minimize accumulation of lime and sediment and maintain a steady stream". In addition to the lavatory basin faucet, there's a showerhead and a bathtub spout as well as a full range of matching bathroom accessories.

DESIGNER: Bruno Sacco, Reinhard Zetsche/Octopus Design


Some of the other Murano faucets and accessories made by KWC.

KWC also makes the Smartshower, a complete shower system that installs as simply as a hand shower and hose. "The integrated switching module allows the selection of functions at the touch of a button - a showerhead with normal spray or massage jet, a hand shower with two spray options and a body shower". Ergonomic note: the switching module is located on the wall where it's easily accessible, not on the shower handle.

The modular KWC Systema faucet system. "Faucets are assembled on a modular basis at four different levels, so that functional applications may be selected and combined as necessary to meet individual requirements. On the first level, a choice of pillars and foundations allows the faucet height to adapt to individual desires or specific conditions. At the second level, the type of mixer is selected according to the appropriate application. The third level provides the opportunity to integrate soap dispensers or other additional functions, and the fourth level determines the types of spouts and sprays.".

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