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Albe are containers inspired by and named for mushrooms found in Romania.

Details: Designed by Dragos Motica, Albe is a homeware collection that consists of porcelain kitchen containers shaped like edible mushrooms commonly found in Romania.


Says the designer, “Picking mushrooms after summer rainy days is an old habit in rural areas close to forests. These mushrooms have particular names, according to the areas where they grow. Sometimes their names are so amusing that we decided to keep them and try to express them in English.”

“The only sure way to know which species of mushrooms we were talking about is to use their scientific Latin name. In this manner, anyone can identify a species and correlate it with its geographical area and naming.” Albe is the Romanian word for white.


Albe cruet stand

The shapes and dimensions of the containers differ according the function they serve, as either kitchen containers or part of a cruet stand.


All the ceramic shapes are cast in special gypsum molds, fitted for porcelain. The caps are made of cork in varying thicknesses and profiles and each set is supported by an engraved beech tray.


AMANITA CAESAREA as (Buretele domnesc) “The Royal Sponge”

The project was presented during the Romanian Design Week in May this year. Designed for Ubikubi.


BOLETUS LURIDUS as (Pitarca) “The Pitarca”

Source: Via MOCO Submit.


BOLETUS EDULIS as (Buretele laptos) “The Milky Sponge”


MACROLEPIOTA PROCERA as (Piciorul caprioare) “The Deer’s Leg”


BOLETUS AEREUS as (Hribul negru) “The Black Hrib”

conceptual sketch

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