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A Measurable Factor Sets the Conditions of its Operation by Marloes ten Bhömer

a_measurable_factor_sets_the_conditions_of_its_operation_marloes_ten_bhomer.jpg At next month’s London Design Festival, designer Marloes ten Bhömer will be presenting and discussing a series of investigative pieces, processes, tests and trials for a new footwear collection informed by engineering principles. Above, her Rotationalmouldedshoe.

The high-heeled woman is a complex construct, one designed for and ultimately sanctioned to the man-made environment. A Measurable Factor Sets the Conditions of its Operation is an exhibition that presents her research into ‘the woman in motion’ as an engineering problem.



“Marloes ten Bhömer’s aim is to completely replace the standard and regimented approaches to footwear design and manufacturing with the working processes of engineering. This method, which purposefully shirks fashion trends and styles, is based on research into the structural parameters required to support a foot (in a high-heeled position) while in motion.” says the Stanley Picker Gallery.

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