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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2016: The time to enter is NOW!

This sponsored post is brought to you by A’ Design Award and Competition. Yes, we’re on the closing countdown for A’ Design Award & Competition registration for 2016. Designers, architects, engineers, design studios, and product brands are literally putting their work before the eyes of the design world and the judges. The competition is open to all design disciplines and levels of experience, and to projects in the concept, prototype and production phases.


A2-house[shell house] Residence by Masahiko Sato. Silver A’ Design Award Winner in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category. See all A’ Design Award Winners 2015.

We’ve said it before, and here it is again: A’ Awards is a uniquely research-driven program, the A’ Awards was originally developed as part of a PhD project, based on analysis of 800 design competitions. The focus is a high-impact worldwide showcase for the winners, followed up with practical, real-world support, including an in-depth promotional campaign and a full menu of business services for designers, all at no extra charge beyond the entry fee.


Ing nyc: Wild Winter Harness fur scarf by Ingrid Rujichaladol. Bronze A’ Design Award Winner in the Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Category. See all A’ Design Award Winners 2015.

An extensive range of 100 A’ Awards Categories is a unique designer-friendly feature that lets you position your entry in one or more tightly focused design areas. Some of the most popular categories include: Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware; Interior Space and Exhibition Design; Packaging; Architecture, Building and Structure; Graphics and Visual Communication; Digital and Electronic Devices; Lighting Products and Lighting Projects.


Lightscape Pavilion Art Installation by Daisuke Nagatomo. Golden A’ Design Award Winner in the Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category. See all A’ Design Award Winners 2015.

Entries to the A’ Design Award & Competition are peer-reviewed and anonymously voted by an expert 70-member jury panel consisting of scholars, design professionals and media experts, following strict evaluation guidelines. (You can check out the fascinating judging methodology and meet the jury.)


Lin Mao Sen Tea store by Ahead Concept Design Team. Platinum A’ Design Award Winner for Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category. See all A’ Design Award Winners 2015.

In our previous A’ Awards post, we counted down 10 reasons why it’s well worth being an A’ Awards winner – here are 10 more:

10. Cash in your winning entry, with exclusive sales platforms and listings.

9. Receive your very own limited edition, hardcover Annual Yearbook, with your winners inside.

8. Chat up the press! Being a winner gives you a great reason to approach design media.

7. Let your winner hit the road in the Museum of Outstanding Design (MOOD), traveling to locations around the world.

6. Log in to Winners Services for full menu: Press Release Wizard, sales support, A’Design Award Badges…it’s all there.

5. Advertise to a wide range of design-sensitive people! (What that means.)

4. Do you represent a brand, a school, an NGO…or maybe you’re a country? Get winner’s benefits tailored just for you!

3. Alert the blogosphere, through a dizzying array of leading design blogs that A’ Awards winners appear in.

2. Go global with the winner’s collection of multilingual internationalization tools, from publicity campaigns to sales platforms and promotion.

1. Read the manual! That’s the Winner’s Manual, an entire how-to book on getting the most out of your numerous winner benefits.


Puzzle Facade Interactive experience by Javier Lloret. Silver A’ Design Award Winner in the Interface and Interaction Design Category. See all A’ Design Award Winners 2015.

To learn more: All about A’ Design Awards.

The deadline for submission is February 28, 2016. Results will be officially announced on April 15 (and covered right here on MOCO LOCO!).

Enter now at A’ Awards Registration.

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