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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2013: Last Call For Submissions

2013_a_design_awards_competition.jpg This sponsored post is brought to you by A’ Design Award and Competition. The international A’ Design Awards is a rigorously judged, respected annual competition that unfolds before a global audience. This is your opportunity to rise to the top with your new design, design concept or design-oriented product. The competition is open to all design disciplines and levels of experience, competing under 80 categories. Above, Golden Moon by Laboratory For Explorative Architecture & Design.


Muse by Anarkhos Design

The extensive range of categories means each entry finds a targeted, precisely relevant spot. Categories include Architecture, Building and Structure; Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware; Digital and Electronic Devices; Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles; Information Processing Tools; Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment; Baby, Kids’ and Children’s Products; Manufacturing and Processing Machinery; Interior Space and Exhibition; Musical Instruments; Lighting Products and Projects; and 69 other areas, detailed in A’ Awards Categories.


Paradox House by Catherine Cheung

Building global awareness for each winner is the main goal of the A’ Awards, achieved through a significant publicity push. In addition to the trophy, the awards night gala networking opportunity, the annual yearbook, and lifelong licensing of the A’ Awards Winner logo, there are numerous listings and services, including guaranteed publication in over 100 design-related magazines, press release preparation and distribution, sales network listings, and benefits specific to individuals, companies, educational institutions, organizations and countries. Read all about it: Multitudinous Uses & Benefits for A’ Award Winners.


C1 by Marcus Friesl

For more information: What is A’ Awards?


Hoek Af by David Hoppenbrouwers

To enter for 2013: A’ Awards Registration.

The deadline for submission is February 28, 2013. Winners will receive advance notice on March 7, and the results will be officially announced on April 15, with the launch of the award winners’ exhibition (and coverage of the winners here on MOCO LOCO).

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