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2 or (3…) Questions for Roan Barrion

Roan Barrion is a furniture designer based in Canada and the creator of the Series Z lounge, a novel combination of Mid-century design cues and bent steel rod. It works, but we wondered why. So we asked a couple of questions.


MOCO: The Series Z Lounge is clearly of this century and yet has a distinct Mid-century vibe, which works superbly. What is it about that era, Mid-century, that you want to preserve and/or apply to today?

Barrion: There is a certain lyrical and organic quality to some of the work of that era that I find inspirational. Through subtle, fluid gestures, the viewers eye is put into motion, and the piece becomes animated and alive. Royere, Mouille, Fabricius and Kastholm, were all masters of this. Mathsson and Saarinen too. This spirit of breathing life into an object through the lyrical line, is something that I try to apply to my own work.


Series Z lounge chair by Roan Barrion

Some of the best designers of that time. What do you think they might do differently today as designers? Or should I say, could do today thanks to technology and materials?

If they were to really push the limits of today’s technology and materials, while still exploring themes of lyricism and biomorphism? I think a really good example of what is now possible would be the work of Mathias Bengtsson. His Growth chair is a fascinating piece. A chair whose structure and form are created by a computer program or “digital seed” that emulates natural plant growth. And to top it off, its execution is in cast bronze. A really incredible work.

Thank you Roan!

Designer: Roan Barrion is a furniture designer based in Canada. He has spent nearly two decades in the furniture industry, the majority as a specialist in 20th Century design and decorative arts. In 2014 he founded Roan Barrion Design, assembling a team of talented metalsmiths and craftsmen to offer his own designs of handcrafted furniture and home accessories.

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