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2 or 3 Questions for Premrudee Leehacharoenkul


A new designer for the What’s More Alive Than You shoes and accessories collection, Premrudee Leehacharoenkul is a Thai student based in Milan who is concentrating on the exploration of innovative materials and ways of combining them.

We took a look at Premrudee’s Temporary Night Clutch not too long ago; today more of the emphasis is on her shoes.


Leaf Wrap

What is the Solar Eclipse bag collection all about? What sorts of

materials are involved in this?

The inspiration for this collection derives from the Solar Eclipse Extraordinary Phenomenon that happens once in a blue moon. The reflection of the moons, night light and the shadows are carried down to be the clutch for an extraordinary night.

The prominence of this collection is expressed through the selection and combination of materials for examples, alutex, silk, plastic and metal, to create the distinction of light and shade reflection.


Leaf Wrap

Tell us about the Food Wrapping shoe collection. How did this come about?

The inspiration for this shoe collection was realized when I was cooking at home. I suddenly came up with an idea of food wrapping that is used to wrap the food. The benefit of food wrapping is to protect the food ingredients inside, to preserve their freshness and to make them look appetizing. This idea is applied to my shoe design as well. Similarly, shoes are applied to foot wrapping, to protect the feet from roughness and can be used as an item of fashion decoration. I have a passion for both of them. Although their designs are totally different, unbelievably they have something in common. Therefore, I combined and integrated both ideas to result in this innovative “edible” shoe collection!!


The Revenge of the Earth

How do you go about choosing materials for your projects? What properties are you looking for?

After I got an inspiration, I started to design shoes and bags, and in the meantime I would think about their materials as well. For each design I select various materials or the same materials but using different design techniques; both must be consistent with my inspiration. For instance, the inspiration for the clutch collection comes from the solar eclipse. Once I got the inspiration, I sought several materials in black, to integrate and combine together, using light, shade and reflection techniques. After that I am more aware of the potential and suitability, and take this into consideration again for the appropriateness of material selection in each design. I may choose the material that looks not much different but is more durable.


The Revenge of the Earth

How did you make the transition from a background in product design to currently working towards a career in designing accessories?

I have to admit that the basis of product design is the key to my success and is the basis fundamental to the study of accessories design. I’ve learnt about the figures, design techniques, application of design programs, colours and most importantly how to differentiate various materials from identical design fields and create my own typical designs.


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