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2 or 3 Questions for Mr. Simon


Earlier this fall, we discovered Mr. Simon, a multidisciplinary design studio in Valencia when we met with Nacho Frías during a designer speed dating session organized by the ADCV at Habitat Valencia. Valencia Disseny Week was a busy time for Mr. Simon, with the launch of Cóm-oda, a set of folding chairs that become a handy commode. Cóm-oda met with a lot of initial interest; now we want to know more about Mr. Simon, but first we had to go through Aaron and Nacho …



Who is Mr. Simon?

Mr. Simon was born on April 14th, 2010. He is a character made up of all the ideas and efforts of the members of the team. Mr. Simon is the one in charge; he makes all the decisions and determines what’s on.



Your Cóm-oda is influenced by 16th century marquetry; is this an inspiration we can expect to see in your work?

We are interested in design regardless of age or style. For this project we thought that influence would be interesting, in comparison to our commode based on pure lines without decoration, but it is not the style we claim to follow.





Flooring climbs the wall to create Deparquet, a coat rack; modular lighting in the form of Angaro comes together to create a campfire; and you turn vegetables into lollipops – what is Mr. Simon’s underlying design philosophy?

Our aim is to carry out original and bold projects, which create a feeling that goes beyond a purely visual experience. We feel the need to offer something more than a beautiful product; our projects start from a solid concept, but consider that aesthetics are also important.





The It does not work series of Unstable table and Sensilla chairs uses deception to lure the user. Even when the jig is up and it becomes clear that the furniture is more useful than expected, is there a reluctance to embrace it and make oneself comfortable? Does the feeling of deception linger?

The goal of this project was to catch the user’s attention, not because of its shape, material or colors, but rather through the impact produced by seeing those objects which seem not to function according to their purpose.

The user is attracted [but thinks] … maybe they are not the most comfortable furniture in the world, then realizes that the table and chairs are completely functional. But in reference to the name’s project… it does work!


Candy Vegetables

By the way, did your Candy Vegetables project meet with success?

Not as much as lollipops, but… give it time!


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