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2 or 3 Questions for Estudio Estres


Throughout Valencia Disseny Week, one cannot help but run into the same creative crews at various design venues and events. Some of the most familiar faces belong to Estudio Estres, a multidisciplinary design studio made up of Jose Gómez, Hector Muñoz and Jose Ramón Tarazona. We first met them behind a video camera, but they also put their considerable talents to photography, web production and graphic design. But the team members of Estres are no strangers to industrial design and made an impression again this year with the simple elegance of the products at their stand at NUDE.


Beo – the inner disc is available in three finishes: ash, cork or concrete

Beo is a very elegant lamp, but it seems surprising that you chose concrete as its material. What led to this decision? How does the concrete characterize the lamp?


When we had the idea of going to the exhibition we just wanted to experiment with materials and then create objects out of the results. Heavy materials, hard materials, light materials, beautiful materials, not so beautiful materials… In the end, we saw that the most amazing thing was the contrast they had. So we tried to reflect that in our lamps. The main difference between the materials in BEO is the contrast between them. We love how different the ceramic and the concrete are. Totally different. Even in feelings.


Nort – again, the Estres leitmotiv of mixed materials

Nort is a simple, flat pack table, but the addition of the ceramic insert makes it out of the ordinary. How did this clever idea come about?


As we said, we were trying to experiment and get the meaning from the materials. We saw that the strong character of the ceramic always can help to add personality in a product design. And we were thinking as well about why this kind of cheap, flat pack table doesn’t usually have so much value in the market. Maybe nobody is trying to give it that special touch that is able to make it better. We think people are not always looking for cheap tables. Sometimes you need something cheap but at the same time beautiful, with its own personality.



Tell us about Mus – what a fun design! (more here)


Sed – the jug within reach of everyone

Mus was our first product design. It was shown in NUDE2009. In that NUDE we were younger than now and our way to design was a bit different. We tried to get the attention of the magazines. It was our first public presentation, so we had to be funny, bold and show something different to the people. However, at the same time we were showing GAVETA and SED – more industrial bets. We were aiming at many different publics.



What is next on the agenda for Estudio Estres?

In the studio we have a lot of disciplines and at the same time we are working on so different projects: video, photography, graphic design and products. So the idea is to never stop. And try to make something new, project by project and idea by idea.



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