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100SERIE shows work from five different Norwegian studios.

Details: 100SERIE is an invitational project/ exhibition that showed the work of five different Norwegian design studios last May (2015) in Oslo, Norway. The exhibition offers a look into the process of shaping and manufacturing modern, mass-produced consumer goods. The participating design studios were Eggs, Heydays, Gridy, Permafrost, and Fimbul.


Erroneous blanket is derived from a digital world says design studio Heydays. “Artifacts appearing on screen from malfunction in the translation of data. The visual appearance creates a varied texture and a bold appearance. The throw can be folded in different ways to highlight different compositions in the design.”


Tundra glass by Eggs is delicately hand blown glass and rough textured soapstone.


Say the designers, “The interaction between these opposing characteristics is what triggers the full advantage of the material properties. Soapstone retains the cold and cools from underneath, without having to put watering ice cubes or uncomfortable rocks in your drink. Glass brings the refinement to the durable base with and resides in your hand like a drink is supposed to.”


100racer is a wooden toy car by Permafrost that is a tribute to modern car manufacturing.


“A symbol of science and progress, the automobile industry has transformed the world we live in. The car has shaped our cities and our landscape, in fact our entire way of life. The concept of rational design, pursuing ideals like efficiency, standardisation and functionality, made the car into an affordable middle class ambition. Neither futuristic nor retro, the 100 RACER is inspired of the rational simplicity of an aerodynamic race car.”


Pan by Gridy is a result of a collaboration between Gridy and Corinor, Norway’s largest supplier of custom interior components in Corian and solid wood.


“Corinor is mainly using CNC-milling machines in their production which creates a lot of leftover materials. The CNC production and these leftover materials where our framework for this project. With inspiration from pots and pans, we developed a deep wooden serving platter with a handle to serve food. It can also be used as a bread basket or fruit bowl. PAN has a base in solid wood and a cutting board in Corian. Wood and Corian have different qualities, and together they create a nice material contrast. Since PAN is made of 100% leftover materials, there can be a variation in color combinations in each product.”


The Canary wharf brush by Fimbul refers to the business district in London, and the British heritage of high quality leather shoes. “We wanted to create a highly functional yet characteristic brush for the modern gentleman. As a sculptural artifact, the brush adds character to your hallway, and communicates the owner’s passion for high quality shoes. The Canary Wharf brush challenges the traditional, and offers a shoe brush with new functionality and a strong identity. The characteristic hole in the wooden grip offers the possibility for a new variety of grips. The brush is produced in walnut or ash wood with horsehair brush and in an oiled varnish.”


Source: Via MOCO Submit. Graphic design and web design by Felix Skaara. All photos by Johan Holmquist.

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