Zu Star Project by Jean-Charles Penot & Phu Nhin Ho

55 stars represent the traditions and characteristics of 55 Chinese minorities in the Zu Star Project.


Details: The Zu Star Project is an installation by Brand Head that draws attention to the 55 minorities (besides Han) in China, that throughout history have been overlooked and are now rapidly being forgotten. The 55 stars represent the unique elements, the traditions and characteristics, of each individual minority through the use of materials and sound effects.

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“In China there are 55 minorities besides Han, throughout history these minorities are often overlooked becoming more forgotten and losing their part that makes up China’s heritage. Each of these ethnic minorities has their own fascinating traditions and characteristics which are explored through this installation.

Our final installation will consist of 55 stars; each star represents the individual minorities, with an objective of reminding us that our diverse heritage in China is of significant importance. Each star will be individually crafted with the aim to bring the unique spirit of each minority into each star. Our work will come to an end once all stars have been assembled.

The creation

The aims of these stars are to raise the public awareness of these captivating cultures and to create a lasting impression. When creating each star, we intend to incorporate our aims to bring out the unique elements from each of the minorities. This has been achieved through use of materials and sound effects. The possibilities are limitless.

The shape’s structure is a representation of the stars we see lighting up the night sky. As light travels from stars to Earth, the duration in which it finally reaches an object can vary from as little as twenty minutes to hundreds of years, however even after this initial contact, the stars light will continue to light up the object. Our installation is a visual representation of the stars infinite impact upon the object it illuminates. The star in itself becomes a cultural symbol of each minority and reminds ourselves of the existence of these magnificent cultures as it continues to lighten the surroundings.

Yao Star

Famous for their unique a cappella sound; the Yao star embraces the traditional song and dance from the Yao minority. The star’s music uses real vocal recordings of the Yao people which were mixed together with modern sounds by music artist Lao, a native from the Yao minority to create an eclectic composition.

These sounds are also synchronized with lighting that intensifies with the music, highlighting the Yao’s passion for song and dance.

Zang Star

Literature plays a large role in Zang culture which is deeply rooted in the past 1300 years involving poetry, short stories, plays and religion. This star uses the beautiful pattern strokes of Zang text which are applied to the stars structure as light stencils. Together with motion sensors and lighting effects, this piece invites guests to approach this star and appreciate the beautiful details of the Zang written word as the light intensifies.”

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