Yutanpo Hot Water Bottle by Masahiro Minami

“This is a hot water bottle made of ceramics. After an earthquake in Japan, a non-electronic hot water bottle is gathering attention. The hot water bottle is used in a bedding, however, it’s cap is protruding from it’s body even though it’s always touching user’s skin in a bedding.

I designed this hot water bottle thinner and lighter, and unified the shape of the body and cap so that it’s shape has become familiar with the user’s skin. Normally, a hot water bottle made of resin or metal is an elliptical and uneven shape to stand the reduction of pressure.

This hot water bottle doesn’t need such a rough shape because it’s made of sturdy ceramics. This hot water bottle with circular and thin shape is compact and simple to use has become a new design. If a cap is made of ceramics as it’s body, it may have caused unpleasant noise to user when he opens it, so the cap is made of aluminum. The cap made of aluminum has made the whole design impressive.

Ceramics retain heat and moisture well, so that the hot water bottle keeps it’s warm until morning. However, ceramics doesn’t have as much thermal conductivity as metal, so that a risk to get burned is lower than metal. The hot water bottle can be reheated with microwave oven if the cap is taken off.

There are three variations of the body color, white, pink and navy blue. If the user pours hot water into the hot water bottle, it becomes about 2kg. I designed a cavity on it’s back, so that the cavity fits one’s thumb when the user turn it over to pour out the hot water with both hands. The cavity also prevents from deformation of the shape when it’s fired in a manufacturing process.

There is a special cover to fit the simple body and it’s material prevents from static electricity. The texture is smooth and retains moisture so that the user doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable with static electricity in bedding in dry season. The hot water bottle looks beautiful also with it’s cover.” yutanpo_hot_water_bottle_masahiro_minami_02








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