XYZ Note by Hyunjin Seo and Jaekyoung Kim


It seems that the small as well as the great, in the creative field, are derived from a simple drawing.

This isometric-grid notepad, named XYZ note, would be a good start for such creative three-dimensional drawings.

The cover of the note is a clear plastic with a cube-pattern filled, which partly reveals drawings on the first page. Because of its transparency, the drawing underneath the cover completes the cover’s image. You end up having a new cover every time you rip off the first page.

We have produced an animation, a combination of the drawings, created on this notepad.

This animation is the transformation of the electronic sound (VSTI); each frame is in response to its beats and rhythms. This animation is co-produced by Studio YOG and LOBOTOMY.

XYZ note is designed and manufactured by Kamkam, Photographs are by 29cm and kamkam, The animation is by YOG, LOBOTOMY and kamkam.

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