Xemei Stool by Juan Pablo Quintero Avila

“The concept of stool emerges from the combination of sensual curves of the seat and back opposed to straight lines and angles of the structure. The result is an hybrid object, in the middle of design and art.

All the production process is controlled by hand by the designer himself and skilled craftpeople trained in the studio. So each piece is unique.

Back and seat are produced by thermoforming of acrylic stone (DuPontCorian) to obtain an ergonomic shape. The structure is made in certified finnish plywood coated in Formica. Two colors are available: black and white.

The stool was originally designed for a venetian trattoria placed in Barcelona called ‘Xemei’ (twins in Venetian dialect).” Photos: Lucía Carretero and Xavi Gonzalez.









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Hey. Can you send some brochures my email for this bar stool. Where can I buy or order these stools? Thanks

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