Work in Progress – 16 designers tell the stories behind their new work


From Work in Progress:

Work in Progress is an exhibition concept initiated by architects and designers Jonas Wagell and Axel Bjurström which focuses on ideas and creative processes and not only the final products. The exhibition was shown for the first time during Stockholm Design Week with sketches, models and prototypes by both new talents and some of Scandinavia’s most renowned designers.

From left to right:

View of exhibition from entrance – The pop-up exhibition concept is drawing inspiration from mobility and temporary structures and work places. Clusters of 35 standard airway cargo crates are used as podiums and areas on floor and walls are marked with bright orange stripes to frame the space. 40 large lamps shades are suspended almost like a large canopy over the podiums to highlight the objects, but also to define a space within the room. The concept creates a temporary feeling in terms of materials, but is also consistent and homogeneous without conforming to the existing space.

- Overview – Simplistic suspended lamp shades of laser cut plastic sheets wrapped around a standard lamp holder with PAR 38 LED lamp

- Close up – “Cork” barstool by Note design studio, “OTTO” chair by Broberg & Ridderstråle and “Lempi” glasses by Matti Klenell

“Bookends” by Folkform; sketches, research, prototypes

“L” flexible storage system by BravoKruuse; prototype

- “Holiday” and “Work” small book cases by Jessica Signell Knutsson; prototypes

“Increasing by one” textiles inspired by mathematics by Simon Key Bertman

- “Cork” stool by Note design studio, 1:10 scale model and prototype parts

“Roof” mirrors by Andreas Engesvik; prototypes

- “Pedestal” flower pot pedestal, “Plateau” mirror with shelf and “Kit” kitchen utensil stand by Axel Bjurström; prototypes

- “Light works” three table lamps by Jonas Wagell; paper mock-ups and prototypes of wood, aluminium, acrylic, fiberglass filler and spray paint

- “Steel works” cutlery by Jonas Wagell; mock-ups and prototypes

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