Wingz Bicycle Seatpost Rack

Wingz Bicycle Seatpost Rack

Perfection is ever elusive, opportunities for improvement abound, says the Wingz Bicycle Seatpost Rack, a new take on the classic behind-the-seat bike cargo carrier. Its trick is carrying large objects without having them fall off at every turn, accomplished by two lightweight aluminum arms that form a V with an adjustable angle: via bungee cord, increase the carrying surface to accommodate wide loads, or reduce the rack to a clean, minimal line. Wingz is funding on Kickstarter, with lots of time to go, but few takers so far. MR likes it, check out the demo vid and you may, too!

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  • Reply November 24, 2012

    Jonathan Geitner


    Just wondering if these are for sale?

    Seems like an awesome idea.

    If I can help in anyway asides of funding let me know!


  • Reply November 26, 2012


    Hello Jonathan,

    These are currently not for sale since the Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful. I’ve made several improvements to the prototype that you see on the KS website video (based on feedback from cyclists and supporters). I am currently working with a partner to help mass produce this product for commercial use. If you are still interested in obtaining one, please send an email to my personal address ( to stay up-to-date with any news regarding the product launch date.

    Thanks for the support!

    - Beda

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