Wibbly Stool by Douglas Montgomery

“Wibbly Stool is part of a series of objects exploring and updating discarded woodworking techniques which offer no functional advantage whatsoever. I’m fully aware that Barley Twisting and Fluting might well be dismissed by some designers as ‘unnecessary’ or merely ‘decorative’. What interests me is why this might be a problem at all.

For me such aesthetic details have a visually beckoning quality, urging us to touch and admire the tactility of form and material. These visual conceits – Barley TwistIng in particular – also have an emotional resonance, perhaps reminding us of furniture our grandparents may have had in their home – reminding us of happy times being spoilt with things like Chocolate for breakfast.

The Wibbly Stool incorporates a new take on abandoned techniques that I will be exhibiting in my degree show in June, and then at ‘New Designers’ London in July.” wibbly-stool-douglas-montgomery_2


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