Water Map Sink by Julia Kononenko

“A wooden three-dimension basin representing the streets of central part of London. London map choice being a tribute to the fact that it was England where first industrial products had appeared back in the XVIII century. Use a topographic map as a basin where the water flows through the ducts resembling the river channels.”


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8 thoughts on “Water Map Sink by Julia Kononenko

maybe i´m too crude to understand this design.
or maybe is just that i like to shave my face with an small amount of water in the basin, instead of leaving the tap open and the water running and splashig after hitting the corner of tottenham court road and oxford street. can`t like

Where does the water go when it reaches the end of the map? it looks like it just falls down on the floor leaving behind a total mess. or is that just me?

This is the concept that has taken the prize at the Ukrainian competition Vodoparad 2012. This idea for further development, the philosophy embodied in the form.

I feel that by leaving the sides of the basin open it promotes a more conscious use of water.

Some things are functional by necessity but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be beautiful. I don’t know if this is either. Also I don’t think it’s topographical.

Manche Dinge sollte man nicht machen auch wenn sie möglich sind. Das Konzept bzw. der dahinterstehende Gedanke will sich mir nicht erschliessen? Hauptsache alles nass oder wie?

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