Video: Ostrich Pillow Junior by Kawamura–Ganjavian

“The Ostrich Pillow® launch made a sensation last year when its founders raised more than $200,000 in just 30 days via the amazing crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign.

We at Ostrich Pillow like to be inclusive so now with public demand telling us to think about the kids, so here we are announcing the launch of Ostrich Pillow® Junior. From ages 6 plus, the Ostrich Pillow® Junior is the perfect travelling and napping companion for kids for car journeys, study breaks and general time outs.

Beautifully designed, hand-made to perfection in Spain and supercool, this new addition is more fun, more functional and more bang for your buck.

Ostrich Pillow® Junior comes with a larger opening for the face so both eyes and mouth are visible enhanced padding at the forehead and neck to give more comfort, support and ease for the younger user.”










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