Video: Money Back Guarantee No.2 by Jelle Mastenbroek

“A converted vending machine where money can be trown in but ultimately has no costs. One euro coin is playing a piece of Bach by rolling down a metallophone. At the end of the tune you get the euro back.

The Money Back Guarantee No. 2 wants to denounce money as a means of payment and looks for a solution to the emotional nature of it in the recent financial and economic development. The subject of money has a ‘heavy’ nature, partly due to the way we deal with money and the way it relates to our society. The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange and unit of account. Where money originally purely was used as a means to provide goods and services, is money nowadays become a goal in itself and a means to express your prosperity and splendour. Through this project, I would emphasise that money should retain its original function as a medium of exchange, as utensil. I hope to provoke awareness of people and positively influence the way money is used.” DSC06709.1_WEB



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