Vergalho Furniture Collection by Fetiche Design


From Fetiche Design (photos: Diego Cagnato):

Contrast: steel and wood. Rebar, urban element for building homes. Twig, natural element for building nests.

We looked for a good urban inspiration for this new collection, but still needed to direct the creation. We really love those trestles in front of big construction sites. Trestles are made by the workers, with soldered rebars, plates “do not park” with scrap wood. Provocative. Are inherently urban, empirical constructions of a clear and direct configuration, improvised. The inspiration was there.

We try not to lose this force in the collection, we explore the solders and a lightweight design, stripped and purposefully random. We also value the grooves of the rebars with the rubber coating, inviting the touch.

Now available at MICASA, São Paulo.

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