Unexpected Welcome by Moooi

“The Moooi team travels to Milan with a treasure chest full of surprises gathered from all around the five continents and beyond. They won’t find peace until they have shown the public how furnishing a living quarter with clever details and tasteful pieces of furniture brings beauty and value inside our homes and to our lives. By means of furnishing and accessorising numerous living spaces, the colourful variety of Moooi’s treasures is revealed in several environments, the perfect settings to display the magic multitude of memories gathered during travels and day to day adventures. Moooi knows how to convey playful accents to a no-nonsense business environment, a hint of richness to a hotel room or elements of mystery and surprise to the everyday comforts of home.

An exhibition of Massimo Listri’s photography envelops and blends into the living quarters with endless perspective and historical content, conveying at the same time a deeper sense of meaning to the public. ‘We try to reach out to people and give them an experience that touches them in their heart and inspires them’, explains Moooi’s CEO and co-Founder Casper Vissers, and, having seen the richness of the details and the magnificence of the interiors highlighted by Listri’s photography, it comes as no surprise that Moooi has invited him to showcase a selection of his amazing works of art during this year’s collection presentation. Moooi’s Art Director and co-Founder Marcel Wanders explains: ‘In a world which is dominated by the new, we like to see our works in the context of eternity. Massimo Listri is the closest ambassador of this eternal heritage’.

Inspired by masters like Piero della Francesca and Vermeer, Massimo Listri believes that everything is a question of perspective and has made sure to prove it in his 30 years working as a photographer. During his career he has had the privilege to photograph some of the most important and restricted monuments in the world, like the Vatican Museums in Rome and Palazzo Pitti in Florence, showing all their glory from a different point of view. When asked how he does it, Listri explains the following: ‘My photography is an expression of tranquility in a chaotic world, bringing perspective and equilibrium to the viewer’s soul. Every time I take a photo it’s like the first time a treasure is revealed, a first emotion, be it an empty room or the greatest treasures of the Vatican.’ These captured moments embody the perfect atmospheres to surround Moooi’s sparkling collection and inspiring living quarters.” Photos: Nicole Marnati. unexpected_welcome_moooi_2




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