Type Glasses by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo & Oh My Glasses

“Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo has always been about more than just advertising. We don’t borrow from culture in our creative work, we seek to affect and contribute to culture. Every day we are looking for new ways to collaborate with the fresh thinking innovators and imaginative entrepreneurs that are emerging alongside ourselves in Tokyo. We work with these next-generation creative thinkers to help them build their products and brands and deliver them into the world.

Today we are excited to announce our latest collaboration: ‘TYPE’.

For this project we worked alongside online retail start up Oh My Glasses to bring to life a new concept in eyewear. In written communication, people choose type for how it can add meaningful layers of intent and expression to the words they write. Similarly, the design of a typeface affects how a message is communicated. We use these subtle differences in the design of glasses’ frames to influence the impression of the person who wears them.

The glasses brand TYPE will launch using two typefaces known for their universality and individuality: Helvetica and Garamond. There are also a number of options that allow you to choose the weight/thickness of the frames (Light /Regular/ Bold); Color (Black / Tortoise/ Clear); and blend style (glasses/ sun-glasses).” type_glasses_wieden_kennedy_tokyo_oh_my_glasses_2





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One thought on “Type Glasses by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo & Oh My Glasses

It’s a brilliant concept, specially using a font and interpreting it in an object.
Pretty cool!

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