Twilight by Tokujin Yoshioka

From Tokujin Yoshioka:

Japan is now facing the serious situation by the after effect of the earthquake and tsunami hit on March 11th. However, I strongly believe in our power to overcome this hardship.

Nature is beautiful, yet we find the very thin line between its beauty and the fear. Its beauty uplifts our emotion, and resonate in our heart. Yet the nature sometimes shows its threatening expression.

In Japan, we have witnessed nature’s threats with our own eyes, and we have been reminded by the difficulty and the importance of living with nature.

I would like to think deeply about the nature and continue pursuing the creation that seeks and express its elements of the beauty.

With the deepest hopes for our future, I am presenting an exhibition “TWILIGHT-Tokujin Yoshioka” at MOROSO Showroom.

Creating the space with the light and the aura, I will display a new chair series “MOON.”

It would remind people of the natural phenomenon, known as the angel’s ladder, and will bring visitors the celestial experience as if embraced by the natural world.

I hope the light of “TWILIGHT” will glow within people’s heart all over the world.

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