Tunnel – Christmas Stories by Travesias de Luz

From Travesias de Luz:

Tunnel – Christmas Stories is an installation we carried out last December in the main corridor of the Old Prison building in Segovia (Spain). This installation was made with 5,000 Tetra Brik recycled cartons and were lit inside. They were joined together forming round curtain-like walls along the prison´s entrance corridor.

A winding white tunnel -15 metres long and 3.5 metres high-amazed visitors and encouraged them to walk all the way to the end of the passage. Light played an essential role by creating chiaroscuros and effects against the lights. We experimented with volume and adapted to the main entrance corridor in the building. As an additional feature of the installation, some Segovian ‘esgrafiados’ -engravings on the buildings of Segovia each different from each other and of medieval origin- which are a specific characteristic of the historical architecture of the city were carved into the cartons. These were supplied by the Culture Department of Segovia’s town council.

The installation was part of the Christmas Programme of Segovia and many Segovians were able to take part in the creative process and die-cut the different ‘esgrafiados’.

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