Tracks Extendable Table by Alain Gilles

“The ‘Tracks’ tables are all about movement, all about assuming the fact that this is an extendable table and that its architecture and logic can be put forward in order to create a graphic and architectural dialogue within the piece itself. The tracks are basically the two parallel axes that define the logic of the piece and act as the path for the extensions, just like tracks for a train. The table is also a discussion between visibility and invisibility, weight and weightlessness, cold and warm with the use of a combination of very different materials that convey different and contrasted feelings… Depending on how one plays with the different structural elements of the table it will take on different personalities. By either playing with the essence of the wood used, the finish of the metal ‘tracks’ or the transparency of the glass when using clear or smoked glass. As for the special, more artistic, version with the metal bares treated with red & white stripes they refer to the original source of inspiration: the railroad crossing gates, signage found on construction sites, graphic used in the enchanted circus world, or the Memphis movement as far as the furniture world is concerned…” tracks_extendable_table_alain_gilles_02




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