Towards A Poetic Morphology by The Cloud Collective

From The Cloud Collective:

For the 22nd international poster and graphic design festival of Chaumont (Fr), The Cloud Collective was invited to design a temporary installation at La Fabrique, a former textile printing factory. “Towards a poetic morphology” fills the provided space with a landscape of letters, together forming the poem “Oppressive light” by Robert Walser (1878-1956).

A small path invites visitors to explore the landscape, read the poem in full and immerse themselves in the new connotations that arise between text and form. This arrangement in space -strongly affected by sunlight, time and weather- allows the text to slowly detach itself from its intrinsic meaning and to let form, typography and composition take over. The snowy landscape becomes malleable, thus creating a multitude of meanings for the observer.











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