Toull Ar Soner House by Studi Urvois & Krt


From Studi Urvois & Krt:

This family residence is situated at the beginning of a steep slope over the Atlantic Ocean. The house is cut into the hillside making it look only one floor high from the road. The glass structure where the communal living areas are is made out of a highly reflective glass making the structure disappear amongst the surrounding trees. This was something the architects really wanted to accomplish considering the wilderness of the coastline where the house is built, in order to preserve it unspoiled.

The hillside of the lower floor houses the garage, the gym, wine cellar and home cinema, leaving the seaside to the 5 bedrooms all facing the sea. The main hallway in the lower ground has no windows and fed natural light through a glass ceiling from the living area on the upper floor.

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