TODO12: Capacity Show


A selection of items from the 2012 Capacity show, part of Toronto Design Offsite. Capacity is an annual exhibit of new work by female, Canadian designers, curated by Katherine Morley, Erin McCutcheon and Ange-line Tetrault. This year the exhibition featured a wide range of media (ceramic, textile, furniture, product design, illustration and more) that examined and expressed the word “capacity” as it relates to the role of women in the field of design.

Above, from left to right:

- Katherine Morley’s Eggshell Series lights in the front window at Capacity.

- Eggshell Series lights close up, says Morley, “they’re real eggshells, they’re more solid than you think”

- Eggshell Series vases, also made with real eggshells

- Katrina Tompkin’s convertible Over Capacity chair/table at Capacity – as table

- Katrina Tompkin’s convertible Over Capacity chair/table at Capacity – as surprisingly sturdy chair

- Maїwenn Castellan’s Smocked Canopy, an umbrella with pleats made using the smocking technique, “not just a way of beautifying garments.”

- Jewelry designer Suzanne Carlsen’s bike bell at Capacity with hand made bloom on top (not CNC!)

- Bettie Cott & Lauren Reed’s Modern Hangups

- Bev Hisey’s geometrically patterned Pixelation Cushions

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