(Time is) Watching You by Valerie Notter de Rabanal

“Break time! A playful inquiry into the between times.

The BREAK as adventure: restful or active, alone or in the company of others, attentive or oblivious – every break is unique.

Given the different needs, widely varying environmental conditions and virtually unlimited selection of break propositions, many people find it hard to prioritize and appreciate breaks as genuine free time.

The analysis of breaks—times between events—reveals a phenomenon of surprising complexity; breaks are a conceptually vague and very diverse everyday phenomenon, handled in a variety of ways by people with different needs. As a result, the marketplace is overflowing with wide selection of pause fillers, break killers, pastimes etc. Instead of dreaming up more industrial products or individual solutions this project tries to set in motion a playfully sensuous process of reflection.

The objects allow change to be experienced and— as ritual objects—identify and celebrate recesses or spaces between events. Their minimalist design invites contemplation and free interpretation. Located halfway between product design and critical design the objects serve a specific function without promoting a solution to a problem: as we use them, they encourage us to reflect on our personal approach to between times in different ways.

Project realized by Valerie Notter de Rabanal as her MA-thesis at the Masterstudio Design of the Institut for Integrative Design at HGK Basel (FHNW, Switzerland).

Theorical approach: The subject of BETWEEN-TIMES in the context of WICKED PROBLEMS

Practical approach as collection of discourse-objects:

TRAY-SET. Tray-set for collective outdoor-breaks. Different ways to observe time passing for those involved. (live time) TIME IS MONEY. Time for sale: As sand portions of 15 minutes. (time as market value) LENGTH OF A CIGARETTE. „The length of a cigarette“ is a common denomination for a time span. But how long is a cigarette? (perception vs measurement) (TIME IS) WATCHING YOU. Face to face with time, focussed on the traditionnal chronometer: No way to escape. (omnipresence of time)” Photos: Katia Rudnicki & Hannah Reuhl. time_is_watching_you_valerie_notter_de_rabanal_02 (TIME IS) WATCHING YOU

time_is_watching_you_valerie_notter_de_rabanal_03 TRAY-SET

time_is_watching_you_valerie_notter_de_rabanal_04 TIME IS MONEY

time_is_watching_you_valerie_notter_de_rabanal_05 LENGTH OF A CIGARETTE

time_is_watching_you_valerie_notter_de_rabanal_06 The making of.

time_is_watching_you_valerie_notter_de_rabanal_07 Post card.

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