Tibou Hardware by Quentin de Coster

“At the confluence between the latest technologies and ancestral know-how, TIBOU is the first collection of hardware for children developed by Vervloet.

The primary function of handles and knobs is to open a door or drawer, but kids often divert their uses by using them as coat racks. When hanging a jacket or a bag on a door handle, the object loses its main function and it becomes difficult even impossible to open the door.

To account for this duality, all the elements of the TIBOU collection present a small hook on their front face. It gives the child the opportunity of hanging up what he or she wants without hampering the opening of the door or drawer. In this way, the object is both handy and educative.” Photos: © Elodie Timmermans.

quentindecoster.comTibou by Quentin de Coster

Tibou by Quentin de Coster

Tibou by Quentin de Coster



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