The Mirror by Okolo

uli budde

From Okolo:

Curated exhibition of contemporary design and art presents mirror as a beautiful functional object, as well as poetic subject for experimentation. The exhibition curated by Klára Šumová and OKOLO documents strong actual trend of creating mirrors in the context of contemporary experimental design during the last years. The exhibition looks for new shapes, archetypes, newest trends, as well as history of typology.

The mirror – a reflection of our own world that duplicates and creates the precise inverse copy of our reality. The mirror represents a magical object without which we would never know what we look like. The object tells stories, which we wish to disclose, and tells them to us so that we would see them in the right light. The poetical, yet surrealist quality of the mirror has always stirred artists, writers, and other thinkers in their ideas and visions. Thus, the mirror has become an object of artistic and philosophical notions and ideas that have frequently found their place on paintings, the pages of novels, verses, and films. The mirror is an object that will never cease to fascinate – including the world of design and art.

Thus, the exhibition aims to present the object of the mirror not only as a magical object full of imagination and inspiration, but also as a typological theme for designers. They consider the mirror, like all otherobjects, as a functional and aesthetically balanced object, the production of which requires certain specific features. The exhibition shows various forms of the mirror perceived by contemporary designers and artists. Thus, they face the problem of how to depict the mirror or one of its motifs in their own artistic interpretation. Diverse approaches of contemporary designers are confronted with works of art by visual artists who have also chosen the motif of the mirror as their theme. The result not only presents a set of functional objects, but also a complex perspective of mirrors considered both from the functional and formal points of view, as well as from the purely artistic, philosophical, and idea-based points of view.

Mirrors above from left to right:

- Treat me well mirror by Adrien Rovero
- Mirror by Antonín Hepnar
- Reverse mirror 11 Beatrice Durandard
- Alice mirror by Camille Blin
- Drop mirror by Giorgia Zanellato
- Untitled by Jakub Berdych
- Lift to Inlay jewelry box by Marco Dessí
- Deepinside mirror by Martin Žampach
- Mirror 01, 02 and 03 by Matej Chabera
- Twin mirror by OS ‘ OOS
- Anguli mirror by Romain Lagrange
- Spring mirror by Tomáš Král
- Eclipse mirror by Uli Budde

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