The Living Table by Lisa Tischer


From Lisa Tischer:

The Living Table is the result of my Master Thesis at Lund University’s School of Industrial Design in Sweden. It is a study about the table culture of our modern lifestyle. My aim was to create a concept that communicates values, motivates to share values and traditions that are related to food and table culture.

The project was divided in two parts; the theoretical part, where I explored the development of food and table culture within Europe and analyzed our modern table culture and behaviour. In the practical part I implemented these findings into a product idea.

I see the Living Table as a platform, meeting place and workstation. It is the centre of a home and lives from being in use. It is a reluctant and unobtrusive piece of furniture but though something special and unique with many ingenious details.

Its innovation is its combination. The Living Table is much more than just a simple dining table; it can be a workstation and a home office at the same time. The table includes light for a nice ambience, or as a working light. There are integrated electrical outlets so you can easily work with your laptop, sewing machine or just charge your phone. The drawers offer plenty of space to store everything you need for all kinds of office or work equipment and of course all you need to have a splendid dinner with friends and family.

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