The Dining Project

“For the past three years, Kids of Kathmandu has partnered with the design community to turn beautiful designs into innovative programs in Nepal providing a better future for the orphans and neglected children of Nepal.

This year, Kids of Kathmandu has curated the Dining Project featuring a dining room built from various top NY designers. A table and chairs, lighting, rugs and tabletop pieces will be auctioned off individually to fund food and nutrition programs at Kids of Kathmandu’s projects in Nepal, where almost half of children under 5 years old in Nepal suffer from a vitamin deficiency.

Kids of Kathmandu’s first fundraiser, The Desk Project, paid to put the kids in school desks in Nepal.

Last year’s enLIGHTen Project funded a solar panel system for an orphanage. Lights sold in New York City created light in Nepal.

In the past 3 years, these collaborative efforts have not only helped tremendously on the ground in Nepal, but have built a great philanthropic energy in the design community here. Kids of Kathmandu is truly proud of the difference that is being made by bridging these two worlds together.

The NYC gala date is March 13, 2014, a good way to kick start Spring!”


Fort Standard


Fort Standard


Amy Helfand




Palo Samko






Chen Wiliams


Ted Muehling

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