The Cube Room by Fabian Gatermann

From Fabian Gatermann:

The cube room is a concept room by the German Designer Fabian Gatermann. The concept is based on color cubes that lead the way thru the whole design. The cube room is located in a design hostel called Die Wohngemeinschaft in Cologne, Germany.

The LED SLIGHT BOX is a registered design product by Fabian Gatermann made out of colored layered middle-format slides. It is lighted by LED technology and the box is fully controlled by touch remote. The LED SLIGHT BOX is a mixture between digital (LED) and analogous technology (Slides). The user can choose his light atmosphere fitting his mood. The Box is also available as a Light Curtain and it is possible to make any size and almost any shape, fitting to any given room situation.

The ART MATRIX is an artwork that is created by over 400 people. Each guest of the cube room will color one canvas with a chosen color. This way 400 guests will create an abstract artwork and a unity of different people from different places of the world are this way connected through the room and the ART MATRIX.

The Modern Bed has the look of a Euro-Palette. It is made out of beech wood and is flexible through integrated rubber bearing. With this feature the bed has already integrated the slatted frame.

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