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It’s the New Book! Hugely popular TED Talks—brief, mind-expanding forays into topics radically on point for our times—have spawned TED Books, an e-reader/app platform with a whole new, shorter book format. The magic number is 20,000: enough words to get in-depth, but considerably briefer than the usually 80,000 word minimum of a printed volume—read ’em in as little as one hour. The software employed is Atavist, blending text, video, audio, images, interactive graphics, and timelines, with as much or little reading enhancement as you like, at your command. TED Books are available for Kindle, Nook, and, recommended for fullest features, via iBooks app for iPhone/iPad (Android is a’waitin’). And the book club is back: titles are available individually for $2.99, or by subscription where the publishers pick: two a month for three months at $14.99.

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