Teardrop Phytocosmetic Lab by Carolina Becatti, Maddalena Salvetti, Silvia Giustozzi


“Teardrop is a system of tools and accessories for homemade phytocosmetic preparation that processes plants in order to extract the beneficial properties and turn them into final products.

Teardrop was born in a mutating social context, in which self-production, productive processes and semi-processed materials are more and more under growing attention. Teardrop includes a steam distiller and other tools for the preparation and storage of cosmetics. A recipe book provides all the information about plants properties and their application.” facebook.com/teardropmyphytocosmeticlab





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  • Reply March 29, 2014

    michela solinas

    Lo voglio!

  • Reply April 2, 2014

    Annie Ridout

    Your product is very similar to an existing product: The Alchemist’s Dressing table by Lauren Davies (http://heka-lab.com/The-Alchemist-s-Dressing-Table), which was launched last summer. Is this where you took your inspiration from? Even the way you’ve photographed it is remarkably similar. If you’re aware of this product and used it as a starting point for your work, it might be prudent to credit Lauren Davies for coming up with the original concept and design? Her work has been well publicised on design websites and arts magazines – and has been nominated for the Design of the Year award. We all take inspiration from existing work occasionally but it’s really important to be transparent about this.

    • Reply April 3, 2014


      Hi Annie!
      Thank you very much for highlighting to us this product. Honestly we were not aware about Lauren Davies and her work and we were quite surprised as well!
      Lauren’s work is really beautiful. We looked at the project and we recognized that the two products have features in common. However, from what we understood the two products were made for slightly different purposes.
      We can imagine that similar products, although with different characteristics and aims, were and will be created, as there is a growing interest in self-production, especially in the field of cosmetics and body care. Moreover, as nature and beauty are two of the sources of inspiration of our and we guess also Lauren’s work, it is probably not surprising that we both decided to present our works in similar ways (e.g. referring to plants, flowers). We can however assure you that TEARDROP was born from our direct experience with natural home-made cosmetics and we did not take this or other existing products as starting point, as we are aiming to do something unique and original (at least to our knowledge!). We therefore hope that you will like TEARDROP as well as Lauren Davies’ product!

  • Reply April 2, 2014

    Julia Georgallis

    I would agree with the above comment. It definitely looks uncannily similar. Maybe email her and drop her a line to talk about your work?


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