Table by Martin Goebel

“The table itself was designed and fabricated by Martin Goebel, co-founder at Goebel & Co. Furniture specifically for ‘Table’. The design was created in reference to iconic construction methods which have proven timeless. In order to understand the present it’s imperative to look at the past. All of Martin Goebel’s work for both production and couture examine life/function and strip away ornamentation, in an attempt to make simplicity elegant. In this case classic timber frame of both building and ship construction heavily influence the design. The base is created in solid 5″x5″ walnut timbers. A black toning of joinery was used to ‘low-light’ joinery detailing in order to silhouette major connections. The top is created from World War II surplus, aircraft-grade Sugar pine, purchased at auction from a 103 year old Pipe Organ company which was re-tooled during WW II for military component production.

– table was a three day event centered around this piece created by Martin Goebel – a 3 day collaborative experience event Curated by Alex Almstead, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, USA – to examine how the design of and rituals of table use… how they have adjusted the way human experience evolved into modern society – table featured culinary, light, sound, preformance, brewing, textile, literary and in this case furniture craftsmen collaboratively explaining their view on society with interactive physical object creation and consumption

‘Table’ – signature/focal point piece for ‘Table’ [the event] 192″x44″x29″ Seating for 20 Designed in Solidworks” Photos: Demond Meek Photography. table_martin_goebel_02





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