Studio Visit: Valentin Loellmann in Maastricht


From Valentin Loellmann:

„A working space like an empty canvas for a new creation.”

The interdependent correlation between people in a room and the influence of the room on these, is since a long time already at the center of Valentin Loellmann´s artistic interest. Initially difficult to grasp and render into words, intensive work on images and forms shapes the content to an ever clearer structure.

Three years after his graduation as product designer Valentin Loellmann has in the meantime established his studio in Maastricht and works here with his small, growing team.

The workshop and studio seems in content change. Once a section has been finalized, the opposite side is already being converted into something new. Within a short period of time the former hat manufactory has been shaped into an inviting atmosphere: A workshop for moods and new ideas, a balance between reflection and challenges. A spot of concentration for thoughts.

Many objects have emerged within the past year from this place and have found their autonomous existence in entirely new environments. Unchanged is Valentin´s treatment of material as a living substance. And he continuously merges antagonistic materials to pieces with a unique character.

Valentin Loellmann’s passion is in the constant creation of objects and environments, which leave a lasting impression on its observers, which transpire a distinct feeling. But how do you predict a personal feeling? Thus Valentin´s persistent discovery is centered on this aspect:

„A working space like an empty canvas for a new artwork. The people, who craft the room and its specific energy, constitute the material. Energy which the surroundings give to its residents just as they return some to the place. The storyline being a living system, directed by intentions, visions and ideas. The artwork equals the space. Jointly with everything moving and belonging inside.”

Photos: Jonas Loellmann

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