Stone Garden Installation at IDS 2013 Toronto by Nendo


From Nendo:

An installation created to mark nendo’s International Guest of Honor award from the Toronto Interior Design Show 2013. Clusters of one-legged tables hold each other up by overlapping. Because we didn’t use any nails or screws to secure the tables to each other, we could change the depth and direction of the overlaps as we liked, and shape the groupings to the room as freely as an amoeba changes its form to fit its environment. Since the tables are stabilized by the weight of other tables, we needed to use a relatively strong material for the tabletops. We selected Caesarstone, a material made by resolidifying natural quartz that have been crushed into powder. The ‘tables that aren’t quite tables’ huddle together, creating a new kind of ground surface like a garden floating in the universe, far beyond the scale of the individual tables. An installation that probes the border between ‘furniture’ and ‘non-furniture’.

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